Archangels and Angels Warn Us We Are On The Brink of Killing Planet Earth

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Many people are chosen to give messages from God, who have the gift to receive. Many people have been communicated with. Some deny it. Some think they are going insane. Some don't want the confrontation, so keep it quiet. Some start with a mission and easily give up.

Archangel Metatron tells us that Jill, my wife and Angel Messenger, is one of the very few people who have kept going with receiving the messages, and acting upon them.

Our quest, along with many others, is to start the movement to bring the duality of mankind back to what was originally planned: physical and spirituality, in equal amounts. For without the spirituality, mankind is destined to end its incredible journey; in the flesh. We humans are heading towards our own self-realisation of destruction; through separateness, greed, avarice, possessiveness and a mass disregard for the future of planet Earth.

The vast majority of people turn a blind eye to our dying planet, with the 'safe' thoughts that, "It won't happen to me. Not in 'my' lifetime."

Latest statistics show that each day, 800,000 trees are felled, just so we can have our daily papers for the day. Yes, you read that right; 800,000 trees a day JUST for one day of daily papers. The trees are the lungs of our planet, giving us our air to breathe.

The seas are our water supply. through precipitation, the Sun heaqts the water, creates clouds, which blow up mountain sides, cool, condense and fall as rain. Yet our seas are becoming more unsustainable for this process. The main cause of sea pollution is YOU. How many litres of bleach go down the plugholes in your home in a month? We are currently spending $2.3billion annually on bleach.

Around 2 Billion litres of bleach end up in our rivers and seas every year. Now think disinfectant and cleaning chemicals. Now think pesticides which go into fields and wash, with rain, into rivers and into the sea. There isn't much farmland in the Western world which will sustain crop growth now without chemicals.

The question is, "What are YOU going to do about it?"

The Amazon rainforest is the main contributor to our planet's manufacture of oxygen. You might sit there and think, "But what can 'I' do. I'm just one person."

Well it all starts with one person.

When…… One person stops buying a daily paper.

One person recycles their paper.

One person recycles their glass.

One person recycles their clothes.

One person cuts down on their car journeys.

One person refuses to eat the mass produced food, with chemical additives and pesticide residue, and buys organic food or grows their own.

One person starts their own vegetable patch.

One person starts to educate their children about self-subsistence.

One person gives a beggar a sandwich instead of money.

One person picks up the litter on someone else's street.

One person turns their central heating down 2 degrees.

One person leaves their hot bathwater in the bath until it goes cold, so that the heat is generated in the home.

One person only fills the kettle enough for the drink that they are making.

One person teaches a child that 'home' is not just our house; it's Planet Earth.

One person teaches a child to manage their clothes better, so that they aren't put in the wash basket every day.

One person plants a tree, for every tree that dies, or for every tree they cut down.

One person teaches a child that we are all one; not separate; and that everyone is equal; no-one is any better than anyone else.

One person teaches a child not to judge others.

One person teaches a child that everything in life is a choice:

You can choose to be victim, or you can choose to have a fantastic day. And when one person does all this, other people sit up and ask, "Why are they doing that; it won't make a difference?"

And that one person, on hearing that says, "It 'will' make a difference, for the future of our children. Don't you 'care' about our children?"
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