Make a Guy Fall in Love - Be a Politician

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Can you make a guy fall in love with you? What does being a politician have to do with it? Do politicians know something that you do not - something that can help you in the dating game? Yes, they do.
Lets examine what politicians do and see how that can help you to make a guy fall in love with you.
If you really want to make a guy fall in love with you and make him commit to you for life, look at what politicians do.
When politicians meet and greet the public, they are out to get your vote.
When you are ready to attract men, you are looking to get the vote of that one special man, Mr.
What attraction do politicians use that you can use? Watch a politician on TV sometime when they are mingling with the crowd.
They do 3 things that you can do in your quest for romance and love, commitment and marriage.
They smile at the people.
They have a big, warm, welcoming smile.
This works.
It creates a sort of bond between them and the person they are smiling at.
So, smile at your man when you see him.
It will send a warm personal message.
They touch.
Notice they are always shaking hands.
They even shake hands with children.
They do that because when you touch a person, that also forms a bond with that person.
So, touch your man when appropriate.
Just a light touch on the forearm when you are speaking to him, for example.
Do not do this too often; it can be seen as intrusive.
They say some personal words.
Usually it is How are you? Or, Its nice to meet you.
But the point is they speak to that person himself.
So, good dating advice says that if you want to make a guy fall in love with you, speak to him personally.
Male psychology says that these things suggestions work.
Politicians do these things because they work.
If you want to make him fall in love with you, apply this advice.
These things can make a guy fall in love with you.
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