The Demand for Window and Door Will Grow Up to 34 Billion Dollars in 2016

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The demands for window and door have continued to grow significantly with an annual growth rate of 9.3% and up to 34.2 billion dollars in 2016 in United States. In 2011, the national economy was in a depression state in a whole. By the end of 2016, window and door industry is growing rapidly stimulated by the demands of the rebound in housing completion and increased construction spending. From 2006-2011, the number of housing completion and construction spending decreased significantly, which has led to directly plummeting demand of window and door.

In all categories, the demand of plastic window and door is growing most rapidly with annual growth rates of 12%. By 2016, the demand will reach 9.8 billion dollars. The demand for plastic products will fuel the demand for plastic door and window. Because most consumers believe that plastics products are energy-saving and high added-value. In the past decades, plastic door and window have replaced wooden door and window even aluminum door and window, which have occupied much of the market share. Building materials manufacturers are also greatly enhancing the exterior beauty of plastic door and window or taking advantages of glass fiber to reinforce plastic window and door with wood texture printed on it, in order to improve the utilization rate of colors.

In 2011, aluminum door and window have taken up the half of the market share. By 2016,aluminum door and window will continue to lead the door and window market. Rebound in housing will spur earnings increases, and the population growth in the south and western part will carry about increased demand for the window and door. Most of the western and southern population is applying aluminum door and window in the home decor. Non-residential construction spending is also growing major factor concern on a surge in demand for aluminum door and window. As non-residential construction has to make the durability and materials cost into account, so aluminum door and window is top option for them.

There will be a growing demand for wooden door and window with a growth rate of 10.2. %. By 2016, the demand will reach 10.4 billion dollars. Wooden window and door will be threatened by plastic door and window. In terms of durability and cost, wooden door and window are unable to find an advantage, but wooden door and window are elegant in the external appearance can bring visual enjoyment to the consumers, whose customers should not be taken lightly. Especially in the high-end customer group, the market share of wooden door and window is still very high.

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