"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" Crafts

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    Tote Bag

    • Purchase a blank canvas tote bag, which should be relatively inexpensive online or at a craft supply store. Use a variety of colored fabric paints and paintbrushes to decorate the blank tote bag with something related to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," such as the film's signature pair of red lips, the title of the film, or a portrait of one of the more recognizable characters, such as Doctor Frank-N-Furter, Riff Raff or Magenta. Once the fabric paint dries, use your tote bag to carry everyday items such as school books.


    • Use fabric paint to decorate plain white T-shirts, tank tops and hats with images from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Inexpensive and available at many stores, blank T-shirts can also be altered easily with scissors to become more fashionable; you can turn a basic shirt into a sleeveless, one-of-a-kind clothing item. This craft project is ideal for teenagers interested in fashion.

    Paper Crafts

    • Render your favorite scene or character from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" on paper using colored pencils, craft paints, markers or crayons. Use images from the film as reference to paint or draw a realistic, or abstract, portrait, or create a retelling of one of Doctor Frank-N-Furter's famous songs. These crafts can also be done on large canvases, or long sheets of paper to create "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" murals.


    • In a fun craft that truly exercises the imagination, use modeling dough to make figurines of characters from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Many of the characters wear elaborate costumes, hair-dos and makeup, which makes creating realistic figurines all the more challenging. Depending on the age of the crafters, these figurines can then be used to act out scenes from the film. If you use a craft dough that requires drying, such as salt dough, paint the figurines after they are dry.

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