Pet Bird Health

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When you are considering buying a pet bird, there something that should be determined right from the start.
This is pet bird health.
You do not want to end up with a bird that is sick from the beginning.
You should shop around for reputable breeders.
This will reduce the chance of getting a pet that is already sick.
Just to ease some tension, most birds purchased today are healthy.
What can you do to reduce the risk and get a healthy pet? As stated before, make sure to do your research and find a bird dealer that has a good track record.
Your pet bird health should be guaranteed.
You should make your best effort to get this guarantee of pet bird health in writing.
If the store will allow it, get your birds health checked out by an avian vet before buying it.
If this can not be done, take it directly to the avian vet right after you buy it or at least by the next day.
When it is residing at its new residence, you the bird owner can look for certain things that indicate a pet bird health problem.
What to look for to determine Breathing problems Is the breathing noisy? Does it weeze or pant? When breathing does it make clicking sounds? Is the birds breathing heavy? Does it take short breaths? Does it breath with its mouth open? Does its tail go up and down in a very pronounced manner? Does your pet bird have some kind of discharge coming from its nasal area? Is the area around the eye or eyes swollen? Has your bird lost its voice? All of the above are signs of pet bird health going bad when it comes to breathing.
Pet health problems can also be seen in the digestive system.
vomiting or the bird regurgitating is one sign.
Just like people diarrhea or a loose stool will signal a problem.
Look to see if the birds poop has undigested seeds in it, has blood present or has some kind of mucas in it.
Bone problems in a bird can be seen by looking for the following clues.
Does the bird have a droopy wing? When you look at your bird, is it standing as it usually does or has its posture changed.
These things could indicate a bird health problem in the musculoskeleton of the bird.
Pet birds can have skin problems to.
Look for any bumps or lumps on them.
Does the birds skin flake more than norman or is its beak flaking? are its nails or beak growing to much? Learning your birds daily routine will help tremendously in determining if there is pet bird health problem.
By knowing what your healthy bird does, acts and looks like will help you see if he or she is sick.
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