5 Tips When Installing New Caravan Upholstery

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Changing the caravan upholstery is a very tedious and a costly affair. Choosing the right upholstery which will suite your taste and that is durable in nature is the most important task. You cannot have pink colour upholstery with red or yellow interiors. The caravan would look beautiful only if has the right mixture of colours. Five things which you should keep in mind before changing your old upholstery are:
Fabric Material
Choose the fabric material which suits your lifestyle, is durable and resistant to stains.
€ The caravan upholstery can be made from wool; it not only gives a very smooth and a softer finish, but it also resistant to abrasions, sunlight, water and soil. The upholstery made from wool is durable, but very costly.
€ If your pets are also going to travel in the caravan, use leather upholstery as leather can be cleaned easily and can withstand the claw marks and scratches.
€ Vinyl upholstery is also a good alternative. They provide a velvet touch to the sofa/seat. The only disadvantage of vinyl is that they are not fire-retardant.
Fabric Colour
It is believed colours affect people's mood and through colours the personality of an individual can be known. Choose your fabric colour very carefully.
€ Yellow colour communicates happiness and uplifts the mood, whereas crimson can make you feel irritated.
€ Pick up blue colour for your caravan upholstery if you need peace, serenity and calmness in your caravan.
€ Green is considered to promote comfort and togetherness and it is perhaps the only colour which soothes even the eyes.
€ Avoid black, grey or white as these colours can spread negative feelings in your caravan.
Upholstery Material
If your upholstery has metal parts make sure they are smooth and don't have any sharp edges as you might hurt yourself and it can also cause tearing of the fabric. Buttons in the caravan upholstery should be woven properly otherwise they will loosen and can get lost in no time. The frame of your upholstery should not wobble or creak it should be sturdy on the floor. A sturdy frame implies durable upholstery.
Cushions that are used in your caravan upholstery should be firm in nature and fitted correctly in the sofa/seat frame. If the cushions are not fitted accurately they tend to loosen up as time passes making the sofa look shabby. Also the cushions should retain their shape on pressing, this ensures that the cushion will not flatten in course of time and would be comfortable in the long run.

Check the Upholstery
Before you buy your caravan upholstery pat the back of the sofa to check whether it is hollow or not. Also look out for any hard spots. Presence of any of these things spoils the look of the sofa and makes it uncomfortable in nature.
Choose your caravan upholstery with utmost care; after all it's your money which will go waste if wrong upholstery is installed.
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