How to Pick Persimmons

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    • 1). Inspect the persimmons daily in early fall. Begin picking when the fruit develops its full orange color but before it softens fully. Hard persimmons ripen off the tree as long as they reach their full mature color.

    • 2). Support the bottom of the persimmon with one hand and cut the stem from the tree branch with a small pair of shears. Avoid pulling or twisting the fruit, as persimmons bruise easily and should only be cut from the tree.

    • 3). Cut the stem as close to the fruit as possible without removing the stem completely. The stem and small leaves at the top of the fruit, called the calyx, protect the fruit from bacteria that causes rot and should remain intact until the persimmon is used.

    • 4). Store the harvested persimmons in a refrigerator for two to three weeks. Finish ripening the fruit at room temperature for two to three days before consuming the fruit.

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