Comparison of Bobcat Excavators

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    Optional Arms

    • Depending on the Bobcat excavator model, you will encounter diverse arm configurations. A standard power arm provides a powerful lifting and digging capability, while a long arm gives you the ability to dig deeper without moving the entire excavator. However, the extendable arm is a combination of a standard arm and long arm. You receive a powerful lifting and digging performance with the ability to reach deeper depths without repositioning your equipment with an extendable arm.

    Types of Tail Swings

    • A zero tail swing allows you to reach tight areas, such the space between gates or in small backyards. Zero tail swing excavators let you concentrate on digging rather than watching where the machine swings. The diameter of the house remains in the width of the track while it fully turns. An excavator with minimal tail swing also allows you the flexibility to deposit and slew soil when working in small spaces. The back of the house in an excavator with a minimal tail swing sticks out only about six inches in length past the track's width.


    • When choosing your attachments for your Bobcat excavator, you have a variety of options, especially since your equipment comes attachment-ready, meaning you do not need to purchase additional equipment to connect your attachments. For example, a grading blade works well for projects such as cleaning ditches, finish grading and back-filling, while a tilt bucket has a smooth surface that allows you to form holes and ditches by moving the bucket 40 degrees to the right or left. Another type of attachment for a Bobcat excavator is a grapple that allows you to tightly hold materials such as logs and stones and move the material to a different location.

    Customized Excavators

    • You can request a customized excavator. For example, by upgrading your undercarriage with steel tracks, your machinery will withstand conditions where sharp materials can destroy the standard rubber tracks. Another customizable option is the keyless start feature. You can create a master code to deter theft and prevent unauthorized use of your equipment. In addition, you have the ability to shield yourself in cold weather conditions and quickly push a window open to access your equipment by purchasing a Bobcat vinyl cab enclosure.

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