Felted Wool Sweater Crafts

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    Reusable Coffee Cup Sleeves

    • You can make reusable coffee cup sleeves from felted sweater cuffs in 30 minutes or less. This easy felted sweater craft is perfect if you need last-minute holiday gifts, and the coffee drinkers in your life will love having a personalized sleeve to slip onto scalding coffee cups.

      To make coffee cup sleeves, you need adult-sized felted sweaters, scissors, embroidery floss and an embroidery needle. Cut ribbed sleeve cuffs from the felted sweaters and hand-embroider blanket stitch around the cut edge to keep it tidy. Once you've completed these steps, you've created a basic coffee cup sleeve. You can leave the sleeves plain or you can personalize each one with embroidered embellishments. Try embroidering a spray of brightly colored french knots or stitching the recipient's initials.

    Felted Sweater Pomander Ball

    • When the holidays approach, and you want to create a few easy, festive decorations, pull out the felted sweater stash and try making a bright, rose-covered pomander ball. The pomander will brighten any room, and you can customize the colors to suit the season.

      Cut between 16 and 20 circles with a 3-inch diameter from felted sweaters. You can cut circles from just one sweater to create a single-color pomander, or you can cut circles from sweaters in coordinating colors to make a pomander with multicolored blossoms.

      Sew a length of yarn through the center of a 2-inch round styrofoam ball, thread a button through the yarn, and sew it back through the center of the ball, and tie the yarn ends together to create a hanging loop. This will serve as the pomander base.

      Cut all of your circles into a spiral. Each ring of the spiral should measure about 1/2 inch wide. Begin coiling the spiral into a roll. Start with the outer end and roll until you reach the spiral's center. Apply glue to this piece and press it flat against one end of the coiled material.

      When you've finished creating the felted sweater roses, glue the base to the styrofoam ball and pin in place while the adhesive sets. Repeat this process until you've covered the base with roses.

      If you want to dress up your pomander, you can place a pearly pin at the center of each flower.

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