3 Tips on How to Write a Profit Pulling Article in 10 Minutes!

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The key to writing productive articles starts with the title.
It can literally make or break your article.
When people ask me how to write an article properly I usually tell them to spend at least half of the time creating a perfect title that is catchy and keyword rich.
There are many article marketing suggestions that you can put to work for you.
Here are three suggestions I have used to really ramp up my article marketing efforts.
When choosing a title there are two factors to consider.
You want to write a great headline that causes people to want to read your article.
This is how you get a lot of traffic when the article is initially published in the article directories.
The second part of the equation is to write the title with one or two keyword phrases in mind.
You are going to use two or three keyword phrases throughout your article.
Writing productive articles is all about keyword optimization.
Your article will usually only rank high in the article directories for a few days, but after that you want these articles to continue generating targeted traffic and revenue for your website or blog.
You accomplish this through keyword optimization.
Make sure that you have a fantastic resource box.
You want people to click your resource box, because that is where your website traffic will come from.
When discussing how to write an article many people forget about the resource box, but it should be a vital aspect of your article.
These are three article marketing suggestions that I use to drive a great deal of traffic to my websites everyday.
Try them and see for yourself the difference they can make!
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