How to Fix a Rusted Subframe

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    • 1). Don a pair of thick gloves to protect your hands from metal shards, rust residue and caked grease as you work.

    • 2). Trim away all rusted metal surrounding the hole using tin snips. Brush away all flakes of rust and other debris from the area surrounding the hole.

    • 3). Sand the area free of rust using a pad of 24-grit sandpaper. Work until you have sanded about 3 inches surrounding the circumference of the hole. Follow with a thorough sanding using a pad of 80-grit sandpaper. When you finish, rust-free metal should show through around the hole.

    • 4). Tap the inner circumference of the hole inward using gentle strikes with a ball peen hammer. This ensures that the patch sets against the metal firmly and smoothly.

    • 5). Take a piece of release film from the kit and cut it roughly 2 to 3 inches larger than the sanded area surrounding the hole. Hold the film over the hole and indicate with a pen where the sanded area begins.

    • 6). Cut a piece of fiberglass matte material so it is roughly 1-inch smaller than the sanded area. Use the mark you made on the release film for reference.

    • 7). Open the containers of filler and hardener and mix according to the printed instructions. Spread the mixture evenly onto the piece of release film. Place the smaller piece of fiberglass matte in the middle of the film, then spread a layer of the mixture over it.

    • 8). Apply the patch over the hole with the release film facing outward. Ensure that the fiberglass matte completely covers the hole upon application. Smooth the patch flat over the hole using the palm of your hand.

    • 9). Allow the patch to cure for the time suggested on the container. Then, peel away the release film to reveal the patched hole beneath.

    • 10

      Sand the patched area smooth using a pad of 80-grit sandpaper. The area can be painted if desired.

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