Does Coffee Make You Lose Weight or Does It Harm Your Body?

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So many people are drinking coffee every day without realising the harm it causes the body.
People drink coffee for several reasons.
Some like how it tastes, and others because they feel tired and need energy.
There are also people who claim that coffee is good for weight loss.
These people believe that the caffeine would increase your heart rate and boost weight loss.
However, what many of these believers fail to understand is that coffee is a highly acidic drink.
So how can it make you lose weight? Highly acid foods are not good for your body because it affects the pH level in your blood.
The more acidic food you eat compared to alkaline food, the more alkaline residue your body must take from your cells.
Our body does this to neutralize the pH level.
A state of imbalance, where the pH level is to low can prevent effective weight loss.
PH level is neutral around 7.
It should be between 7.
39 in the blood.
Many highly acidic foods are regarded as waste for your body.
To keep the neutral pH balance in your body, one should follow the 70-30 rule.
That means, consuming 70 percent alkaline foods and 30 percent acidic foods.
Coffee, non-herbal tea, milk and any type of soft drink should be avoided.
Weight loss expert often argue that effective weight loss is more likely to occur when your body's pH levels are close to 7.
The caffeine in coffee also affects the insulin levels in your body.
A cup of coffee can give you more energy but only for a short period.
It often makes you even more tired after a few hours when your insulin level hit rock bottom.
Same goes for energy drinks and sugar as well.
It is good to keep your insulin level stable if you are trying to lose weight.
Try to drink a lot of alkaline water or filtered water.
Cappuccino has a pH level of 5.
3, chi latte around 5.
7 and an espresso around 6.
So if you want to stay healthy but can't refuse the urge to drink coffee, you might want to consider drinking pure black coffee instead.
There are also several brands selling decaffeinated coffee.
This type of coffee is cheaper than regular coffee and can often be found in any supermarket.
Have a look at a trusted weight loss site to find out more about what kind of foods that are healthy to consume and good for weight loss.
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