After Photo Restoration - What to Do With Your Old Photos Now That They Are Restored?

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Preserving family memories becomes more important as we age.
Photos remind us of significant events in our families and communities, and they can create a priceless art collection.
This is especially true after they have been professionally restored by a photo restoration artist.
Here are some helpful hints on what to do with your old treasures after photo restoration: First, decide which photographs you want to display.
Even if photos are damaged, photo restorers can work mini-miracles.
Try grouping photos by a specific time period, event or theme-this is especially valuable when you are grouping them on a wall together.
Second, you will notice that most old photos include color tones in black, brown, gray and off white.
Match frames to these colors; or use gold, silver, or pewter.
The frame style can be classic or ornate, and it can complement or contrast to your furnishings and room decor.
Third, use traditional mats with a single or double matt, or try placing the photograph on top of a mat.
Remember to place a small piece of cardboard for support behind the photo and the mat.
Some photographers and photography studios can now create digital mats that replicate the look, feel and depth of traditional mats, but they are really part of the photo.
These digital mats are great for creating exact custom colors and they do not fade.
In many cases, they cost less than the traditional mats.
Forth, find a location that will compliment your photos -- bookshelves, sofas or small table tops.
Avoid placing photographs near excess heat or sunlight, because this will fade and discolor your priceless images.
Small groups of old photos are more interesting when they are near contrasting colors and textures -- such as plants, flowers, plush fabrics, books, or wicker.
Lastly, add another dimension to your photo arrangements.
The world is full of unsung heroes, and some can very well be in your family photos.
Write a few words, or a quote that summarizes the qualities that you want to remember about your family members.
What did they say or do that was outstanding, endearing, or unique? Use calligraphy or a special font to create this message, and then frame it next to the photos, or add it within the mat.
Our memories will diminish, but these priceless and personal photo art collections will increase in value.
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