Female Orgasms - How to Tell If It"s Real

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Have you ever wondered whether your woman is really having an orgasm, or whether she has faked it, so as not to hurt your feelings? Many women report that they have faked an orgasm to make their men feel good about themselves.
This is not done out of maliciousness, but rather in good will.
Here are a few signs to look out for in order to determine whether your partner's orgasm is real or fake; As a women reaches orgasm, her heart beats faster and harder, which pushes up the blood pressure.
Breathing becomes erratic, and various muscles go into involuntary spasms.
This results in tell tale signs in various parts of the body.
The Lips When a woman reaches the point of climax, her lips become richer in color and start to swell due to the increased blood pressure.
So be sure to keep an eye on them.
The Breasts and Nipples The actual breast will slightly enlarge which will not always be noticeable.
What will always be an indicator of orgasms are hard nipples.
If these are not hard, it is more than likely that your partner is not experiencing an orgasm.
The Eyes During orgasm, the pupils become dilated, and the eyes will have the expression of being in a state of intoxication.
This is due to chemical reactions in the brain brought on by sexual orgasm and cannot be faked.
The Vaginal Area The outer muscles in the vaginal area will contract during orgasm.
These contractions are involuntary, and cannot be faked under any circumstances.
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