How to Decorate a Modern Wall

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    • 1). Use mirrors as a decorative wall element in a modern room. Choose three or four rectangular mirrors that are the same size, perhaps displayed in a simple frame. Hang the mirrors in a vertical position with 8- to 10-inch gaps between them, creating mirrored columns on the wall. Alternatively, display the mirrors next to one another with 6- to 8-inch gaps between them, creating horizontal rows on the wall.

    • 2). Hang an oversized print on the wall in a simple frame. Choose a print that features geometric prints in a monochromatic bold color scheme or a splatter painting of vivid colors. Display the print in the center of the wall, or directly over a sofa or bed, making it a focal point of the wall.

    • 3). Arrange floating shelves on the wall. Choose black or white lacquered or dark wood shelves. Hang the shelves in a vertical arrangement on the wall: the bottom shelf hung slightly to the right, the middle shelf hung in the center and the top shelf hung slightly to the left. Alternatively, arrange the shelves directly above one another with 8- to 14-inch gaps between them, forming a vertical row. Display sterling silver vases, bold colored glass bowls and personal photographs in simple frames in an attractive, yet simple arrangement on these shelves. Avoid overcrowding these shelves with decorations, as "less is more" in modern design.

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