Ways to remove molds from bluestone patios

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Most homeowners dream to have a patio tiled with bluestone. Sometimes for some people there is nothing as pleasing as spending evening in such patios. Bluestone's natural bluish color, ability to withstand frequent traffic, weathering, durability, and many other beneficial properties have always managed to catch homeowner's attention.

While bluestone patio leave no ways to mesmerize users and viewers, the fact cannot be denied that they are prone to get molds. It is the natural elements to be blamed for the formation of molds on the patio floor. The scenario doesn't allow you to blame them however for ruining the beauty of your patio. Such natural elements are simply irresistible. However you can definitely find your ways to clean them. Here are some easy cleaning steps you can follow to clean your patio.

Step 1: Shift furniture or any other items covering the bluestone floor having molds in it. Sweep away dirt, debris and leaves using a broom. Collect them at a place, pick them up in a dustpan and then throw it in a dustbin.

Step 2: Use a garden hose to rinse bluestone tiles. Use a good force to wash away loose dirt and mold.

Step 3: Prepare a solution in a bucket. Mix half cup of chlorine bleach and a gallon of water. Bleach is an anti-fungal chemical that kills fungus and molds. 

Step 4: Take a scrubber, preferably with hard bristle brush and dip it into the solution. Then scrub the area having mold and dirt. Keep scrubbing the surface until all traces of molds are not gone. But make sure, you do it wearing a pair of gloves.

Step 5: Again wash out the surface using garden hose. Clean all root out molds, removed dirt and bleach solution. Leave bluestone surface to dry naturally. You can now replace furniture and any other item to the place.

Using these steps you can restore that appearance of bluestone and make your bluestone last longer. It is important to note that not just bluestone, but any other tiles or stones used in home exterior need some care and attention. You cannot resist snow falls, rainfalls and wet leaves to form molds in your patio. However, a little care and maintenance can keep them away. If features like patios are maintained appropriately, you can actually enjoy their natural beauty and the make it a wonderful place to spend evenings with your loved ones and sometimes your favorite place to read novels and books. 
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