"One Life to Live" Recap for Thursday, October 21, 2010

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Natalie receives the results of the DNA test on the ashes she took from Tea’s urn, she goes to John to tell him that the ashes are not Tea’s. John realizes that the woman in Cherryvale Hospital was Tea. John suggests that Natalie go there to check things out, but not before telling her that he wants to buy a house together to start their family.

Vivian checks on Greg and wonders why he hasn’t regained consciousness yet, thinking that the medicine should be working. While checking him out, Greg crashes and Vivian is able to revive him.

Vivian believes that the medicine’s they were giving him were tainted by Elijah and she has the bag tested. Greg wants to speak to the police before his family. Natalie and another officer arrive. Greg confirms that he’d been working with Elijah because Elijah found out a secret of his that can’t be told, he also confirms that Tea is alive.

Darren, Matt, Nate, Shaun, Felecia and Richard gather at the Buenos Dias to celebrate Destiny’s birthday, even though it doesn’t feel like a celebration without Greg there. Felecia is certain that Greg will be ok. The animosity between Matt and Nate escalated when Destiny likes Nate’s sentimental gift over Matt’s expensive gift. Nate leaves for the police station, to check thing out, when Matt stops him. Matt thinks that Nate is trying to ruin his relationship with Destiny. They almost get into a fight but Darren stops them. Nate takes off, as does Matt. Meanwhile, Shaun gets word from Vivian that Greg is awake. They rush to the hospital where Greg comes clean with his family -telling them that he worked with Elijah because he knew something about Greg.

Danielle and Tea are tied together, both wondering what Elijah is going to do. Danielle gets attitude with Elijah when he returns to them, Tea tries to calm Danielle down and talk Elijah into letting Danielle go. Elijah explains that he has no intention of letting either of them go without getting what he wants first.

Todd is ready to give Elijah $50 million for the safe return of his girls, but Blair fears the Elijah will get the money and take off with the girls or not tell them where they are. Todd doesn’t want to take any chances, he feels that giving in to Elijah is the best and safest way to get his girls back. Todd is worried that Elijah hasn’t called yet, just then the phone rings. Blair quickly calls John on her cell and he rushes over. Todd is talking with Elijah, when John walks in. Todd agrees to meet Elijah and give him the money, but he wants to hear Starr’s voice first. Elijah doesn’t put Starr on, reminding Todd that he is in control of the situation. Elijah demands to speak with John, Elijah asks John to have a helicopter and pilot waiting for him at the drop site. Todd gets back on the phone, gets the drop site and promises to deliver the money. Elijah wants one more thing - Blair. Todd refuses to put Blair in harms way but Blair doesn’t care about the danger she just wants her girls home safe. John agrees with Blair, Elijah hangs up. Todd feels uncomfortable offering Blair as bait but sees no other way.

Natalie arrives at Todd’s house with the news about Tea, but she is too late as everyone is on their way to the drop site.

John, Todd, Blair and a menagerie of FBI agents arrive at the drop site. Todd still has reservations about Blair being there, but Blair doesn’t care so long as Hope, Starr and Danielle are ok. John explains how everything will go down, but still is unsure of how Elijah will react.

Elijah gags both Tea and Danielle and asks if they are ready to go and have some fun. . .
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