Hope, Help and Answers

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My Happy Musing for the day: In the realm of help hope reigns supreme.
If you're here and if you're breathing, you probably, at one time or another, needed help.
I believe that these situations that throw us into difficulties are useful in that they require us to reach -- for each other or for clarity and direction in some form.
As I look back over my life to this point, I can see the power of hope.
When I have been in a difficult situation, along comes someone, some idea or something that has given me hope.
The value of hope is immeasurable.
Immediately when someone has pointed me in a new direction, given me something to work with or a fresh idea has floated in, I am filled with hope.
It is not that this new direction works out every time, but the energy of hope spurs me on until I find an answer to the situation.
It might even be that there is no answer and I am resigned to let go of the concern.
I am a person who believes truly that there are answers and therefore I am eternally hopeful.
We may go up and down in circumstances, but it is essential to remain hopeful.
Nothing stays the same.
Unless we fix an attitude that survives these hills and valleys, we are at the mercy of these circumstances.
We all know what that attitude is.
We must not only give ourselves permission, but orders, to stick to it.
A positive, hopeful person is unstoppable.
I am hopeful this message strikes a cord with you and you can remember to march on when you find yourself in the mud, knowing hope is your best ally.
With hope, help is nearby! "Life is wonderful.
" Copyright 2008 Sally Huss
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