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This article describes about getting low cost Radical Prostatectomy in India, the advantages and the risks associated with traveling to India and the total cost savings.

Hospitals in India offer comprehensive urological services and are equipped with world class endoscopy instruments and machinery to diagnose and treat stone disease, urological cancer, incontinence (unable to control our bladder & bowels), infertility, impotency and other urinary difficulties. High tech. In India facilities for the treatment of prostrate, bladder cancer, urethral strictures are also available. The urodynamics equipment is also installed in some hospitals in India this equipment diagnose dysfunction of urinary bladder leading to urinary incontinence. In India Kidney and ureteric stones are treated without surgery by lithotripsy method. There are ample of hospitals for radical prostatectomy at Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai in India which are well furnished with latest medical amenities to assist international patients.

What isradical prostatectomy?

A radical prostatectomy is the removal of the entire prostate, including its capsule, as well as the seminal vesicles. The prostate is a gland that surrounds the neck of the bladder and the urethra in a male. The seminal vesicles lie behind the bladder and near the prostate. They secrete a thick fluid that forms part of the semen.

Benefits ofRadical Prostatectomy:

Radical Prostatectomy removes the cancer containing prostate gland and the lymph nodes in the vicinity. Open Surgery approach gives surgeon a larger area to work in, better access to the prostate gland, seminal vesicles and the lymph nodes and is used more commonly world wide. Radical Prostatectomy has a shorter hospital stay, quicker and less painful recovery. However, it requires a highly skilled surgical team to perform this challenging procedure.

The main advantage of surgery is that it offers the most certain treatment. That is, if all of the cancer is removed during surgery, patient is probably cured. Also, the surgery provides doctor with accurate information about how advanced the cancer is, since the nearby lymph nodes are taken out along with the tumor.

Risks of Radical Prostatectomy:

Risks associated with all radical prostatectomy techniques (RRP, RPP and LRP) are similar to those of any major surgery. The level of risk depends in large part on the patient's overall health and age. Rare risks include cardiac or pulmonary events, blood clots or injuries to structures surrounding the prostate. The primary side effects unique to a radical prostatectomy are incontinence and impotence.

Cost of Radical Prostatectomy:

In India the cost of radical prostatectomy is extremely low which costs, about 1/3 of costs in USA or Europe. The cost for the surgery depends on the surgeon. Oftentimes, patients choose their surgeon on the basis of price. The cost of radical prostatectomy is very affordable in India and costs are much lower compared other countries.

Why travel to India for radical prostatectomy:

Several superspeciality hospitals in India offer comprehensive Urological services to diagnose and treat stone disease, urological cancer, incontinence, infertility, impotency and other urinary difficulties. Advanced methods such as lithotripsy for treating kidney and ureteric stones without surgery are available with complementary methods of treating stones endoscopically. Advanced machines like the Litho star obvert the need for anaesthesia in the treatment of kidney and ureteric stones. High tech facilities for the treatment of prostate, bladder cancers, urethral strictures are also available. Investigation and treatment facilities for impotence and male/female infertility exist with specialized facilities for pharmacotherapy, cavernosometry and cavernosography, in addition to Doppler studies for the assessment of blood flow.

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