It"s Easy-Peazie to Sell an iPhone!

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Just a few days ago, my iPhone broke.
In my clumsiness, I dropped it and cracked the screen.
Trying my best to be economical, I did some research on how to fix an iPhone.
After a few minutes of searching the web, I realized that, it was going to cost upwards of $200 dollars to fix the iPhone, including the cost of parts and labor; it did not seem either time or cost-effective to fix my iPhone.
I was feeling pretty despaired and ready to toss my iPhone into the trash when I stumbled upon a site which talked about the ways to sell an iPhone.
The website led me through the process to sell an iPhone and gave me some helpful tips along the way.
The website was a great resource, which showed me the easiest possible way to sell an iPhone and recycle its parts, even if the iPhone is broken.
Upon researching the site a bit, I concluded that it was quite a novel idea to sell an iPhone to this company so that they could recycle it and help prevent E-waste, an increasing and dangerous dilemma resultant of the information age.
After reading a bit about the site, I was directed to another site, where I got a free instant quote.
It was completely simple.
I entered the model and some information about its current condition and I was quoted an offer to sell an iPhone.
To my surprise and delight, the company offered to buy it from me for $105.
I agreed to that set price and filled out a quick name/address form so that Cash for iPhones could send me a pre-paid, insured envelope.
I was amazed at how simple the process was.
A few minutes previous, I was contemplating throwing the iPhone away because I did not realize that the broken iPhone had any value.
I definitely felt good about the choice to sell an iPhone, both for the good of the planet and the good of my budget.
A few days later, I received the insured package, put my broken iPhone inside it and stuck the enclosed shipping label on the package.
Within a week, they had received the iPhone and sent a check to me.
It was, what my son calls, 'easy-peazy.
' Thus, when you need to sell an iPhone, my advice is that you avoid Craigslist and Ebay, because of the time it takes to list and actually sell an iPhone.
On both sites, you are not guaranteed to get the price you want.
At Ebay, you are at the mercy of unknown bidders, or worse, little or no bidders, which will not ensure you a competitive selling price.
If you sell an iPhone on Craigslist, a buyer might try to bargain with your set price and, since there are oftentimes not enough buyers interested in your product, you will be assuaged to take the lower price.
Both websites ensure a lengthier and oftentimes, less rewarding, process to sell an iPhone.
In addition, I needed to learn how to sell my iPhone in any condition.
This information is simply just not offered on other sites.
If you sell an iPhone on competitors' sites, such as eBay or Craigslist, you must take the phone apart and sell the parts, which is tedious and time-consuming.
Finally, and perhaps most significant, eBay and Craigslist will not give you a guarantee that your iPhone will be erased when it is sold so that you can completely protect your privacy.
Neither sites will promise you this.
If you need to sell an iPhone, it is amiable to do some research first to find a website that will protect your privacy, save you money on shipping, and ensure a fast process to sell an iPhone.
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