New Moon in Cancer - July, 2013 - Taking Aim!

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Yay, we've come a long way.
Can you believe that it is July already? It seems like we have been on a race since last November.
Mopping up whatever we still needed to work on to make it through the 12/21/12 date with all its expectations, fears, and confusion.
Then feeling confused about where to go from here, and what it is we are looking for and what wants to emerge and be shared through us with the world.
Super Moons, and lunar and solar eclipses supporting shifts, new beginnings and endings.
And now we are here.
July 2013.
A Cancer New Moon, and the Tarot card to guide us through this moon cycle is the Archer from the Wildwood Tarot.
In other decks you will find the Chariot in this place, but for me the Archer describes best what is up for us this month on our path through the forest of our souls.
The card shows us a huntress aiming at a goal in the distance.
She is focused and balanced.
Her intention is set as she controls the tension between the bow and the bowstring, ready to let the arrow fly and fulfill its purpose.
The two dogs at her side symbolize the power she owns inside herself.
What is the metaphor here? Have you ever tried archery? Just for fun? Or for sports, or hunting? If so you will remember what it takes to release the arrow and hit your goal.
What looks so easy is in fact an art and requires both a mentally, and physically steady and relaxed state.
Only with patience and focus will your arrow reach its target.
And if you are a bow hunter you will also need patience and an intimate knowledge of your surroundings and the prey you are after.
You need an understanding of what you want to accomplish, and how you are going to do it.
For many ancient societies the bow played a very important role in hunting and self-defense.
And with our ancestor's close connection to the spiritual world you can easily understand how the bow would also have a spiritual significance of its own.
Many groups all over the world practice archery for exactly this reason, as a spiritual practice.
The role of the bow can be seen as the harnessing and transmission of your will.
When your intention is set, and you place the arrow on the bow the drawing of the bowstring harnesses your energy in a controlled and focused manner.
In the time where you take aim you are balancing all the influencing elements that will take your arrow to its goal.
When you release the arrow it will take your will and the sum of all your experience to its destination.
You become the master of your desires and ideas, and you balance the positive and negative, the strength and the weakness, to accomplish what is next on your path.
And to do this you are taking all things into consideration - creativity, ideas, desires, intellect.
While I was contemplating on this great metaphor I realized that I myself am not in a very balanced state at this time, and looking for support in my environment.
After spending some time in Nature, I rested on a big boulder way up in the mountains overlooking a lake overgrown with yellow water lilies.
It was beautiful.
While sitting there I realized how I deeply connected to the huge boulder, and it became alive, and my attention was suddenly drawn to a teaching from many, many years ago: Inyan.
I remembered Inyan, the force of equilibrium.
Inyan is the Lakota word for stone, but as in most indigenous languages it means much more than just 'stone'.
It speaks of the importance to look at your foundation and to create balance in your life.
By connecting to the wisdom of the stone you can bring harmony to your surroundings.
When you find yourself stressed and your sense of balance tilting you want to examine the influences that create this stress, and find ways to minimize them.
It is the time where you need to set priorities, and release some of the pressure you placed upon yourself.
By handling these situations with diplomacy, and considering all the effects you can stand more solidly when making decisions.
July seems to be month where you will take steps toward manifesting what you worked on so hard for the last months.
Besides asking the Tarot for advice I also recommend a meditation, either in Nature sitting on a big boulder, or in your favorite place in your home with a quartz crystal, asking for the strength and stability that already resides in you to awaken and to rise through your being and be known to you.
Happy New Moon, Leah
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