Avoid Car Repair by Checking Your Fluids

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To avoid car repairs, check your fluids regularly. Knowing how your car works is the first step to avoiding preventable problems. Once you understand how fluids work in your car, you can learn how to change them or bring your car to a professional mechanic.

There are a lot of practical reasons to check the fluids in your car. The most important is to avoid car repair costs. To protect yourself against a common list of car repairs, check your fluids regularly, understand their function, and know when they should be regularly changed out.

Check Your Motor Oil

The most frequent fluid you should be checking in your car to avoid car repair problems is your motor oil. Your motor oil is the fluid that maintains the health of your engine. First and foremost it lubricates the engine making sure that all the parts work smoothly. It also helps protect the engine, clean the engine and cool the parts of the engine that are not taken care of by the radiator. When you check the dipstick it should both be at the right level but also be a good golden color. If it is black or dirty looking you should change your oil. This will maintain the health of your engine and prevent expensive car repair. It usually needs to be changed every 6 months or after a certain mileage.

Check Your Transmission Fluid

When you transmission fluid is in good condition it should appear red. Transmission fluid does not have to be changed as frequently as your motor oil but if there is any tarnish to the color, your should consider getting it replaced. The transmission lubricates the gears therefore it is really important that its in the best condition. Otherwise, this costly car repair, that to your transmission, is not going to be cheap.

Check Your Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is a very important part of your brake system. This fluid can be a little difficult to check. You can usually see it's yellow color inside its container. The most important thing to know is that your car doesn't consume break fluid, so if it's low there might be a leak. Most mechanics suggest replacing this fluid every 1 to 2 years. If break fluid is not regulalrly checked, if something is wrong with the quality or the level of the fluid something will go wrong and you'll need car repair.

Check Your Coolant

Coolant is essentially antifreeze, a combination of chemicals that helps cool your engine better than water alone. All cars nowadays require antifreeze. It's important to know this fluid should be checked when your car has cooled down because there is danger of it escaping rapidly out making it extremely dangerous.

A good way avoid costly repairs is also making sure you buy a reasonable vehicle. Luxury vehicles may boost the best but they're also expensive to fix. Either way, if you are familiar with basic car maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs for the lifetime of your car. Many of these fluids you can handle changing out yourself or you can take to a local mechanic when you notice a problem for a professional to handle.
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