How to Grow Wine Grape Varieties

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    • 1). Select your vineyard site. Grapes need full sunlight in order to produce a bountiful harvest. Consider a location facing south for the best results.

    • 2). Prepare your vineyard soil by plowing up the first 10 inches of top soil and mixing in compost. Add sand to the soil if it has a high clay content that retains a lot of water. The sand helps water drain through the soil at a faster rate.

    • 3). Drive lines of six-foot tall wooden stakes into the soil of your vineyard. Space them 10 feet apart (or less if your vineyard is on the smaller side). Separate the lines of stakes by at least nine feet.

    • 4). Tie flexible lines of wire from one of the stakes to the opposing stake in the same row. Secure the wire to the stakes so that it stays taut. Attach one length of wire every six inches up each stake.

    • 5). Bury the tips of your grapevine cuttings two and a half inches into the soil. Space your grapevines out by three feet in each row. Bury the grapevine cuttings a little deeper in the soil if soil erosion is a concern in your vineyard.

    • 6). Water your grapevines generously as the growing season begins. Give your vines about an inch of water every week in order to grow successful grapes.

    • 7). Harvest your grapes once they are at their largest and sweetest. The harvest date will vary from year to year, though, so monitor your grapes regularly. Do not pull the grapes off the vine; clip them off instead with a set of garden clippers.

    • 8). Uproot weeds as they appear in your vineyard. The roots of a grapevine are very shallow, so weeds can do a lot of damage to the vines if you do not remove them quickly.

    • 9). Prune down the vines after the growing season ends. Wait for the vines to enter the dormant state so that the pruning does not cause permanent damage. Pruning the old vines will divert energy to any new growths that occur during the growing season. It also makes the vines yield larger and healthier vines.

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