The Longer We Leave Carbon Reduction, the More it Will Cost!

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The big problem in Australia is that we are the major coal exporter.
As such we have a responsibility to work seriously on clean coal technology.
A mandatory 10% levy on all coal exports to be put FULLY into clean coal research is needed in my opinion.
Then we could make progress and we help the Chinese and Indians, who are our customers, because they have a major problem because of their huge populations.
They actually emit far less greenhouse emissions per head than we do.
The Chinese, in particular, need to be able to retrofit clean coal to their many coal power stations.
It is nonsense to say that because coal is the enemy (true) and we should stop mining and exporting it, because that is simply not practical.
Problems in life are a bit like swimming in a rip - you can tackle them head on and drown or work across them and survive.
We need to take practical approaches to our energy use and emissions.
I feel the same when vegetarians attack red meat and want to reduce the numbers of sheep and cattle.
Again methane is an "enemy" but we can't just make major changes like that! There is no sense in destroying our rural community and economy even more than at present and upsetting the digestion of the nation.
It is not a sensible option.
The large distances in Australia, the US and Canada make transport an issue and our cities are horizontal with big house plots compared with more compact and vertical cities of Europe and Asia and this means that efficient public transport is more costly but is needed.
Seat belts would also help! I was badly injured in November last year when I became airborne in a bus that stopped very suddenly.
I would have thought that the cost of rehabilitating people would at least balance the cost of seat belts and make public transport more attractive thus reducing our fuel use.
I do still catch busses because I believe in minimising my driving but I am very wary where I sit now.
We don't need cures that actually discourage progress to carbon reduction by causing major economic turmoil and social disruption.
We can all make relatively small changes that help both our bottom lime and our emissions.
It is worth going for a "grumpy walk" around work before you go home and turn things off.
Do the same thing before you go to bed as well! Seriously, we do have between 10 and 20 years to start making a difference and we are close to "tipping point" even though it really is almost inconceivable to imagine.
If we don't make serious reductions urgently there will be no more icecaps at the North Pole.
There is pressure on Greenland's ice cap and if this melted there is enough water tied up there to raise sea level 7 metres.
Unlikely that the lot will melt fast but it is worth thinking about! Antarctica is also warming faster than had been anticipated.
There are serious impacts on other species and it is predicted that 40% of the world's species could go extinct this century giving us the biggest mass extinction events since the dinosaurs.
The longer we leave this, the more it will cost to stop and the more probability of these awful predictions happening.
Let's all think about doing "grumpy walks" around our homes and offices and reducing waste.
We should be looking at fuel efficiency laws for vehicles and small motors like outboards and garden equipment.
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