New Fitness Tools For 2009 - Innovative Machines For Weight Loss

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There are new ways to lose weight based on the outcome of the conference of International Health, Racquet and Sports Club Association or IHRSA.
The conference included the manufacturers of exercising equipments and club owners.
The new trend for innovating new exercising tools is excellent for the new generation to keep a flat tummy, healthy body, lose weight and burn fat.
From regular exercise equipment, they have come up with computer-based fitness games and health data for the web that is helpful for people who want to stay healthy.
Here are the new fitness tools this year: 1.
Speed Board - It is a smaller version of a treadmill that works easily and easily adjustable depending on your velocity.
Cybex FT-450 Functional Trainer - It has two weight stacks that allow for full independent motion and unbalanced load.
This machine is good for two people working out together.
Gravity Treadmill - This large treadmill needs a big space in your house or gym.
Instead of using weight as measure, it uses gravity.
This is a new technological way to take the weight off your body and give you more speed while moving.
Jacob's Ladder - This self-powered machine works with your whole body by simply climbing on a ladder.
It also works on your lower body muscles as it uses full range of motion and low impact.
Xrkade - If you are sporty, then this is the best for you.
It is a new and different way to exercise that includes sports like boxing, soccer, skateboarding and dancing.
Treadwall - This is opposite of treadmill that works horizontally by climbing and not by running onto it.
We are in the computer age and even fitness equipment is innovating to adjust to people's lives.
Since these are new, it is expensive.
However, it works for people who would like to be physically fit and healthy.
New inventions have also good benefits to burn fats.
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