Should I Outsource IT Decision Making?

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You have an IT department, but you are not big enough to have a Chief Information Officer (CIO) or a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and the company owner isn't a technology master.
Can you outsource this position part time? There are a lot of companies that bring in people to cook the books on a weekly or monthly basis, but few consider bringing in someone to make the IT decisions.
In fact, all too often the important IT decisions are passed off to the IT department ( or IT person) hoping they will make the right decisions.
Leave IT Governance To An Expert In business today this is a horrible decision.
Consider finding an IT professional, who can manage your IT department, not on a day to day basis, but to make the decision on where your company should be going.
Someone that can work with you to outline your business goals and budget, and then tell you the technologies that are best suited for your company.
Often people hire a consultant to come in one time to do an audit, and then that person vanishes forever.
Or until the company suddenly finds themselves about 5 years out of date.
What you are looking for someone with knowledge of your business, a wide understanding of technology, an understanding where both your business and the technologies that are best suited for your business, and someone who knows where IT is going.
If you have such a company and are in France, you can hire me.
If you are willing to work with someone remotely, I may still be your man.
But, this post is not about getting me a job.
The person you need must have a willingness to collaborate with your business units, and be able to explain in terms that you will understand where the technology is going and how both the technology and your business can grow together.
IT Governance is a complex field and should not be taken lightly.
Technology touches all parts of a company, so it is important that the different business unit leaders are involved in this process, and they have to understand that the person, even though part time, has the decision making responsibility.
Too many people think they know enough about technology to make decisions themselves, but a sales person is usually not the best person to make these type decisions.
Bringing in a part time person is to improve their performance, to another person to do battle with over fiefdoms of a company.
If you don't have a person to run your IT department, outsource IT decision making.
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