Google Chrome Tips & Tricks

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    • Google released its Chrome web browser in 2008 to compete primarily with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox, and Apple’s Safari web browsers. Chrome uses a simple design. The layout is bare and uncluttered when compared to other web browsers. However, Google Chrome is actually a feature-rich browser. When making the switch to Chrome, take advantage of several Google Chrome tips and tricks to improve your browsing experience.

    Browse Incognito

    • Google Chrome’s Incognito Browsing mode is similar to the “In-Private” browsing mode offered by other web browsers. Websites visited during an incognito browsing session are not stored in your history. Cookies are also not stored on your computer. Incognito browsing is perfect if you don’t want others to know what sites you’ve visited without deleting the entire browsing history. According to Google, Chrome’s incognito browsing mode does not protect against “malicious software that tracks your keystrokes in exchange for free smileys, surveillance by secret agents and people standing behind you.”

    Use Keyboard Shortcuts

    • Chrome provides its users with a number of keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to easily access Google Chrome’s features, such as opening a new tab or window. Some common Chrome keyboard shortcuts include “Ctrl + N,” which opens a new window; “Ctrl + T,” which opens a new browsing tab; and “Ctrl + Shift + N,” which opens a new incognito browsing window. Pressing “Ctrl + Shift + T” opens the last closed tab. Pressing “Alt + F” opens the Google Chrome tools menu. Pressing “Ctrl” and “+” or “-“ zooms in or zooms out on the Web page.

    Import Bookmarks and Browsing Data

    • If you’re ready to make the switch to Chrome, but fear losing all of your bookmarks, browsing data and saved usernames and passwords, you can import the data to Chrome from your old browser. To do so, click on “Tools” then “Options” and “Personal Stuff.” Select “Import Data” and choose your old web browser to import your data.

    Try Custom Themes

    • If you find the default silver Google Chrome theme a bit bland, you can add a custom theme to enhance your browsing experience. Google works with numerous developers who have added custom themes to the Google Chrome theme pool. Open the “Tools” menu, select “Options” then choose “Personal Stuff” and “Get Themes” to browse the theme gallery. Select the custom theme you want and click “Apply Theme.”

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