How to Recruit Current Network Marketers From Other Companies Using Attraction Marketing

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If you are new to MLM Attraction Marketing, you have probably wondered about the following question.
This is a question I'm asked almost on a weekly basis by people recently introduced to MLM Attraction Marketing and online marketing for their network marketing business: "I love my company's products and compensation plan-there is no way I'd leave it for another company.
Most Networkers are the same, why would they leave their company and join me? Are the people who jump from opportunity to opportunity even the kind of people I want to work with, anyway?" Here's my response...
No you don't want to work with people who jump from opportunity to opportunity because they always think the grass is greener on the other side.
You'll waste your time with them because before you get a chance to train them, they're off to join the next big thing business or ground floor opportunity.
They think that a certain compensation plan or product is what will determine their success.
But they're not the only people who think that.
In fact, all the most enthusiastic Network Marketers think the compensation plan and products have a vital role to play in their success.
On a regular basis I am approached by both experienced and novice Network Marketers who use the "Mine is better than yours" pitch to get me to switch sides.
They believe that there is something inherently superior about their compensation plan or products that determines the success of their distributors.
If this was true, then a few companies will stand out as the ones that produce the least failures and will dominate the market.
The sad truth, is that they all share the same statistics.
The Network Marketing industry as a whole pumps out more than 999 losers out of every 1000 who start their own MLM business.
If you insist that your company has an inherent ability to produces success, then think about the quality of people you've been attracting.
After all, that same pitch is what will bring to you potential opportunity-hoppers who'll later say "That product is easier to market than ours" or "Their company is cheaper to join than ours", or "it's easier to recruit in their business".
People both from my upline and downline have jumped ship with these excuses and have yet to make a profit.
The fact is, all of these are reasons for failure made by losers who need to blame anyone else but themselves.
Jumping from opportunity to opportunity is wrong and you certainly do not want to recruit anyone who does that.
However, there comes a time when a Network Marketer is really driven to success and has gone the extra mile doing everything in their power to make it work for them but still failed.
Why? Because their team's support isn't adequate and no one shows them how to make a profit with working methods.
Or perhaps like me, they were the first to be recruited by a team in a new country--their entire upline are unavailable and can't deliver training or perform sales presentations for them.
Whatever the case, such people in unfortunate circumstances are very common.
The question is, do you know how to find them? The go-getter desperately wants to make it, but needs a worthy guide.
They're often found researching online and learning from books, buying training, systems, or requesting help.
They aren't seeking new opportunities that promise more money with less effort--they simply want to be shown the ropes.
Are they the kind of people you want to recruit? Heck yes! But only if you can actually help them.
For every 1 successful Network Marketer you find, there are at least 999 failing Network Marketers that are in that very position.
You must issue a newsletter that genuinely shares and teaches RESULTS, not one that sells hype like the rest of the industry does.
You need to stand out as different and prove it with your results.
This is the position you need to be in if you hope to recruit distributors of your own using Attraction Marketing.
Which brings me to my next point...
Why would a distributor who loves their company and product switch companies and work with you? It is first necessary to gain an understanding of why MLM distributors love their product or company and become so passionate about it.
Despite their failing for so long, Network Marketers are brainwashed into an emotional attachment to their company's product and compensation plan.
Why? Because every Network Marketing company sets out to create lifetime consumers.
Their training is designed to turn you and everyone you recruit into a product loyalist.
Therefore, each company will instill in their distributors the science behind their nutritional products or the superiority of their telephone service.
They market to YOU to make you loyal so that you continue to spend with them.
They are a lot less concerned about you earning any money.
Don't believe me? I want you to check your expenses report and sum up how much money you have spent at the office of your Network Marketing company.
Be completely honest with yourself.
Add up what you've spent on sales and marketing tools, products (whether you consumed them or sold them), leads, services, conventions, training, company website, business administration/downline management tools, etc.
Add that all up.
Next, count up every cent you have made back-either in commission cheques or retail sales.
I can almost guarantee that if you're reading this, you're here because you know what the answer is.
You've "lost" a lot of money.
Now the question to ask yourself is this: Did I start a Network Marketing business because I wanted to make money, or did I start because I wanted to spend money as a customer and make someone else rich? Because if you are in love with your company's products and you're losing money, you ARE a customer, not a distributor--you're not a business owner.
I suggest you drop the business and just purchase the amount of product or service you personally consume.
Business owners are concerned ONLY with rendering service in exchange for a profit.
And this is why even if your prospects (the current Network Marketers) are in love with their company's products and compensation plan--when they realise they are consumers instead of business owners--they either quit or look for a solution.
You must position yourself as that solution provider and be there when they come looking.
Network Marketers often ask why in none of my marketing materials do I even mention the name of my company, its products, compensation plan, or its reputation.
Why should I? Neither should you ever need to.
Put simply, it contributes nothing to the sales process.
Network Marketers don't want to be customers any more--they want to be profitable business owners.
You must market only your team, training, and system.
Everything else is irrelevant.
Show them how you can help them profit, and you will find yourself in a position you only recruit MLM prospects when you want to and not because you need to.
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