Choosing the Appropriate Birthday Invitation Wording - What Is Enough and What Is Too Much

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Birthday invitation wording should be more than just a source of party information.
The venue and the date of the celebration are, of course, important, but good wording in invitations should also include a personal touch from the celebrant and should observe proper etiquette.
If you're not too familiar with composing birthday invitation wording, a few of these guidelines will help lead you to the right path.
The age issue.
Let's face it; some people (or most people) are not comfortable talking about their age or even revealing it to others.
If the celebrant is beyond 18 years of age, the standard rule is not to mention his or her age on the invitation.
No matter how close you are to the celebrant, mentioning a personal info like age is just not right.
So unless you have expressed permission from the birthday person, don't bother.
Humor in words.
Using humor is always effective.
If you can convey the fun and enjoyment that guests can expect from the party through words, the better.
But make sure that your jokes will not be offensive to anyone, particularly to the birthday celebrant.
If you have to rely on humor, don't make the celebrant, or his guests, the object of the joke.
No matter how funny you think the words are, the reality is that people have different interpretations of what's funny and what's not.
Caution and sensitivity are the elements that you should exercise when you opt for humor in invitation words.
Be clear about party information.
If you want to include a personal message, a poem or a quote, make sure that it is not too long.
A couple of lines that effectively portray the celebrant's personality or words that express his joy at the invitee's involvement should be enough.
When it comes to the party info, details about the venue and the time, instructions on certain activities and other pertinent information, should be stated clearly.
If you have to give details on how to get to the venue, just attach a map or call the guest to give additional instructions.
Don't try to squeeze long details into the invitation itself.
Emphasize the importance of the invitees.
The invitations should be addressed by the celebrant and the guests' name should be spelled out.
Aside from preventing confusion on who's being invited, writing the full name of the guest will make it more personal and will give the impression that her or his presence is highly desired for the occasion.
If the celebrant wished to add a few personal lines for certain guests, that is the celebrant's privilege.
Special friends or family members will be able to appreciate personal notes from the birthday celebrant.
Writing your own birthday invitation wording will be a great way to express yourself, but if you have to write them for someone else, make sure that you observe proper etiquette when it comes to inviting guests.
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