Sore Penis Masturbation Tips

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From the time most men learn the joys of self-pleasuring, they enjoy masturbating so much that their frequency or aggressiveness often leads to a sore penis - at least on occasion.
Proper penis care requires that the sore member be given time to heal; otherwise, that soreness may become chronic and problematic.
But some men (and most men at least at some times) may be in such a chronic state of arousal that keeping the hands off the equipment is difficult.
What to do in such situations? Do it.
The answer, in most cases, is to continue masturbating.
Again, this is in most cases: Sometimes, a man may have seriously damaged his penis (either by masturbating at too-intense a level or by some other means, such as an accident through which a heavy blow strikes the penis).
In these cases, a man simply has to find a way to exercise the willpower to resist; long-term health is of greater importance than short-term gratification.
That said, assuming the sore penis is nothing of lasting consequence, a man may continue to fondle his handle while it heals; he simply needs to approach his favorite game with a lighter touch than he may have employed previously.
Don't pound.
Often, a vigorous handling of the tool is a glorious way to achieve a memorable orgasm.
There is, after all, a reason that "beating the meat" is a euphemism for masturbation.
However, when the manhood is in need of healing, a man needs to put away his pounding impulses.
Instead, he can employ gentler techniques, such as these: - The fap tap.
With this technique, the man lies on the bed (or couch or floor) on his back.
He mentally conjures up intensely erotic images until his penis achieves a fierce erection.
The gentleman then proceeds to tap lightly on the head (glans) of the penis - usually on the underside.
He does not grasp the penis in his fist, but continues to tap, varying the rhythm and the intensity of the tapping, but never letting it get too harsh.
Some men may like to tap along the entire length of the tool; others may prefer to concentrate exclusively on the glans.
Eventually the tapping results in the familiar rush and the expulsion of semen.
(Some men also prefer to "tap" while still wearing underwear, in order to add a different sensory level to the proceedings.
) - The scarf.
As with the previous technique, the scarf begins with the male mentally causing his member to become fully aroused and ready for action.
When he has achieved this state, he takes a scarf (or some other item with a smooth, soft feel, such as silk panties or nylon stockings) and runs it over, across and around his penis.
He may wish to wrap the scarf around his shaft and do some gentle thrusting, but he should be careful that he keeps his grip loose in order to avoid re-damaging the penis from a tight grip.
- The slow stroke.
For the slow stroke, a man does indeed grasp his penis in his fist, but he again keeps the grasp somewhat loose.
He then masturbates as he normally would - except that he keeps his stroke slow and does not allow the grip to tighten.
While this is the simplest of techniques in theory, many men find it the most difficult in practice, as they want to tighten the grip and pump forcefully.
While healing, regular use of a nourishing penis health cream(health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is the way to go - and indeed, men should continue to use this regularly even when the sore penis is back to normal.
Self-pleasuring is enhanced when the penis is in good health, and the combination of natural moisturizers and powerful antioxidants in the best creams can help maintain member health.
It's also essential that the cream contains L-arginine, which helps create nitric oxide - which in turn can keep penis blood vessels open, allowing for better blood flow to the manhood.
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