Quarterback and Wide Receiver Sideline Drill

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Is there anything in sports as pretty as a wide receiver snatching a football out of the air and toe tapping both feet in bounds? I know that I don't think so.
This is not a routine catch, but it must be practiced in order to have it work and hopefully look graceful and effortless.
The drill is simple.
Place the ball in between the hash marks and have the receiver line up with the correct spacing from the ball.
This will obviously vary depending upon the route you will run.
For this demonstration we will have the receiver run a simple 10 to 15 yard down and out.
This route will have to fine tuned to find out just how far he will be able to run depending on where the ball is actually placed between the hash marks and the timing for the quarterback to take his drop back.
The idea is to have the quarterback take his drop and throw the ball high so that the receiver is the only one able to catch the ball as he comes out of his break close to the sideline.
As with all practice drills, this must be done at full speed to try and match game speed.
This will be the only way that the quarterback and receiver can be on the same page.
Have the receiver come of the ball at full speed to drive the cover corner down the field.
At the desired depth, plant his left foot and drive toward the right sideline.
At this point the ball should already be in the air.
The receiver must get his head around, find the ball, make the catch and get both feet in bounds.
The depth of this route will be determined during practice and every receiver will be slightly different.
It is up to the receiver to make his break at the proper depth.
The quarterback must always take his proper drop, whether it is a straight drop or roll out.
He must also know exactly where to throw the ball, depending on which receiver he is throwing to.
This is a simple drill that must be run at almost every offensive practice in order to work, but when it does it is a thing of beauty that could result in either a first down or touchdown.
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