Jobs for an Art Administrator

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      Art administrator jobs entail working in museums, arts education centers or galleries, making sure that the business and administration portion of the organization is running properly. There are a number of different jobs available in the field of arts administration, all of which pay a different amount based on the organization for which you are working.


    • Arts administrators can become curators as they have a knowledge of the art world but also the business side as to what it takes and costs to acquire, maintain and protect works of art in a gallery or museum. Years working at the organization or within a part of the art world dealing with curators is the best way to get into this particular part of the arts administration profession. Most curators begin in smaller galleries or museums or working for private collectors before moving up to larger galleries or museums. Curators also write art grants to organizations or well-respected artists.

    Gallery Assistant

    • Gallery assistants are a popular job in the arts administration career field, as they work within a gallery making sure all the art is protected, repaired and well-maintained, as well as keeping track of the amount of money the gallery is taking in, doing paperwork on art that is being sold by the gallery and making sure new pieces of art are being arranged to be put on display. The gallery assistant is also responsible for helping the gallery owner in every day duties, as well as planning parties and fund raising events which may want to use the gallery space.

    Art Handler

    • The job of being an art handler is making sure art moves from one location to the next safely and efficiently, as well as moving art around a museum safely and efficiently. This requires a keen attention to how the art is made and where it is vulnerable when being moved, as well as identifying shipping companies that are trustworthy and shipping containers that best protect the art. Many art handlers work for one specific museum or gallery or work within one town with a number of museums or galleries and are well-versed at moving many different types of art without damaging or breaking it.

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