Skiing Kashmir: Adrenalin-filled Adventures In Sub-zero Temperatures

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Tired of visiting ski resorts in obvious locations like Chamonix and Verbier? Pack your bags and set off for the Gulmarg Resort in Kashmir. The conflict that Kashmir over a decade is well and truly in the past and tourism has increased steadily by double digits over the past several years. Indeed, the airline industry has been fast to catch into this trend and multiple flights are offered on a daily basis between Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir, and many major Indian cites such as Delhi and Mumbai. During the summer, thousands of local Indian tourists arrive to see the Himalayan Mountains and surrounding alpine areas covered with greenery and endless acres of fruit orchards and farm that bear the most delicious organic produce in the world.

The Gulmarg Resort is home to the world"s highest gondola, which reaches the jaw-dropping height of 4200m above sea level. The incredible terrain and deep powder in some of the best in the world and skiers and snowboarders arrive from all over the world to ski in Kashmir and experience the Himalayan mountain range that surrounds the resort. Riders are virtually guaranteed expanses of untouched powder in a crowd-free resort, as the mainstream ski community hasn"t quite yet caught onto how incredible Gulmarg is. Skiing in Kashmir means escaping the masses for some of the most unique skiing you will ever experience.

Although Gulmarg is well-known as a mecca for the advanced and professional skiing and snowboarding community of the world, you definitely don"t have to be an expert skier to ski in Kashmir. Beginners can learn safely in a structured learning area that has a network of five beginner ski lifts. For Intermediate riders, skiing in Kashmir is a great introduction to off-piste riding, as the terrain on the chair lift and the lower parts of the gondola are a relatively mellow way to get started.

In term of health, those who visit or ski in Kashmir rarely experience altitude sickness. Altitude sickness is determined by the height at which you spend most of your time, which would be your hotel in Gulmarg. Gulmarg hotels are situated at around 2500m above sea level, and this is a perfectly safe altitude at which human beings do not experience any discernible or significant side effects. In fact, the relatively high altitude of Gulmarg is actually a bonus because the dry, cool climate and low population is not conducive to illnesses or infectious diseases. However, for those who are particularly susceptible such as elderly or weak visitors, any concerns can be alleviated simply by following sensible health rules such as avoiding alcohol, drinking plenty of water and getting sufficient sleep.

Whether you are a beginner, an expert, a well-travelled international skier or an Indian who is keen to jump on some skis for the first time, skiing in Kashmir will be one of the most exciting adventures you will ever experience.
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