Kitchen Lighting Design Using Moroccan Light Fixtures

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Lighting your kitchen doesn\'t need to be a complex task. The most common mistake home owners make is trying to light their entire kitchen with one light fixture centered in the ceiling. The most effective lighting for the kitchen involves several components blended together including ambient, accent and decorative lighting. The end result is a warm and inviting environment that works with your other design elements to create a practical workspace and lively entertainment area for your family as well as your guests.

Moroccan Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is important in kitchen lighting design that is often overlooked in the kitchen. This indirect lighting is a key ingredient to any kitchen lighting design with Moroccan light fixtures. Ambient lighting softens the lines and shadows on people\'s faces and creates a warm inviting glow in the room. The kitchen used to be strictly for food preparation and children who were not to be seen or heard. Now, floor plans are more open and parties often flow from the living room through the dining room and into the kitchen. Ambient lighting will attract people into the kitchen and make them feel welcome while eating appetizers and sipping wine at the island. Ambient lighting fixtures may include flush-mounted Moroccan ceiling light fixtures, a Moroccan pendant lighting hanging over the island and adjustable Moroccan style track lighting.

Moroccan accent lighting

Moroccan Accent lighting is the least common layer in the kitchen, but it is becoming more common as people spend more time in the kitchen for casual entertaining. You may want to hang a piece of artwork on the wall behind the breakfast table, or a tile backsplash over the sink may be a decorative focal point. Occasionally, Whitehead installs lighting inside glass cabinets to illuminate collections of china and glassware. Moroccan Hanging pendant lighting, Moroccan lanterns, Moroccan spotlight lights and Moroccan wall sconces are all accent Moroccan light fixtures.

Moroccan decorative lighting

Decorative Moroccan lighting should be considered in direct proportion to the size of your kitchen — the larger the space; the greater importance Moroccan chandeliers, Moroccan hanging pendants and other eye-catching Moroccan hanging light fixtures play. There are two major considerations when it comes to decorative Moroccan lighting. First, you want to make sure that the scale of the Moroccan light fixtures is right for the space. Second, the shade material has enough opacity to effectively hide the light bulb.
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