How to Make a 50 Yard Line Costume

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    • 1). Measure the length of the wearer's biceps.

    • 2). Cut two rectangles out of the Astroturf, about three inches in width and the same length as the measurement you took in Step 1.

    • 3). Glue the Astroturf rectangles to the upper sleeves of the sweatshirt, T-shirt or dress.

    • 4). Paint a wide white line down the center of the sweatshirt, T-shirt or dress. Where the wearer's belly will fall, paint a large 5 (about 8 inches in height, give or take) on the left side of the line and a large 0 on the right.

    • 5). Wear the sweatshirt, T-shirt or dress with green pants or tights and white shoes.

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