Common Poker Conspiracy Theories Explained

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Numbers show that online casinos are becoming more and more popular. The popularity though is still enough to make every interested individual jump into the whole thing. There are still plenty of reasons why some people are afraid to try playing on online casinos. Probably one of the biggest reasons is that some online players with bad experiences are spreading word about online casino games being rigged.

We will look at the most common samples these players are citing to base their claim that online casinos are rigged. Firstly though, one should understand that in any gambling game, the odds are stacked against the players. No casino operator would make winning very easy for players as they would end up losing money which would result to shutting down their operation.

One of the most common conspiracy theory being paraded by critics is that good players get bad beats. This means that a good player with a good hand might bet all in while playing poker and a bad player calls the bet. It is usually the bad player that gets the win. Their reasoning is that online casinos would want bad players to play longer as they would lose more money in the long run.

A logical explanation for this is that online games are usually played loose. This means that there are more players online who would have no fear of calling big bets especially since they are more comfortable playing. This means that the chance for getting a bad beat is bigger when playing online where players are playing loose. Also, the fast paced nature of online poker will make bad beats seem look like they are happening too often.

Another conspiracy theory that makes the round a lot is the cash out curse. This is usually explained that when a player cashes out and goes back to playing, he or she would run into a losing streak. The offered explanation is that the casino has noticed that you are taking away money from them which means they would make a move to have your lose your funds.

An easy explanation for this though is that in most games, you would need a big bankroll to win big. For example, on a betting game, you could end up not being able to bet as much as you want because you have a smaller bankroll. This would severely limit your winning potential. A good online casino does not need to ensure that you lose after cashing out as they are already making enough money on rakes. In fact, they would even want you to play more as the more you play the more profit they will make from the rake.

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