Cinema 4D 12.0 - The New Dynamics

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One of the coolest new features in the brand new release of Cinema 4D 12.
0 is the expanded dynamics.
With the addition of motor, springs, and connectors you can apply forces of a more 'human' expression and add our devices to wind, gravity and turbulence.
As I explore these new dynamics and create applications of my own, I'll share my discoveries and provide free project downloads on my site but before talking about springs and motors it's worthwhile to share a bit about the modified presentation in Cinema 4D 12.
It is different.
When you first open Cinema 4D 12.
0 some things are missing and you see some new menu tabs.
Python has been added to 12.
0 and you see a Python menu tab at the top.
Where you previously saw particles, thinking particles, and the presets such as friction and gravity under the 'Objects' menu, you now see a new menu option, 'Simulation' which includes all the particle objects, 'hair' objects and the new dynamics: motor, spring, force, and connectors.
As you introduce yourself to the new dynamic objects, the good news is that there are several included in the family of presets, several of them are complete C4D projects.
The bad news is, good luck finding them! When you open the globe icon content browser it's clear that Cinema's intention was to reorganize in a more practical fashion having group folders that better defined usage and application.
I'm sure we'll get used to it and their support team insists that everything that was in 11.
5 is in 12.
0 but I'll believe it when I see it.
The new preset layout include folders for 'Bodypaint 3D', 'Broadcast', 'Defaults', 'Prime', 'Sketch', 'Sky', 'Studio', and 'Visualize'.
Some are intuitive ('Sky'), and others require a tour but under 'Studio->Simulation' you will find the set of folders that correspond to the options under the 'Simulation' menu with a group for 'Cloth',' Hair', 'Thinking Particles', and yes, the new 'Dynamics'.
Under the 'Dynamics' folder you will find eight examples and these are all complete project files.
One is a very simple application of a motor dynamic with a cartoon polygon pushing across the universe.
This is a great starter to see motors and connectors at their simplest necessary definition to produce combined dynamic effect.
These examples are straightforward but motors need connectors and if they are not defined correctly in relation to one another and the object they are applied to, you get some surprising and unexpected results.
We'll look at some more refined definitions as we explore the new dynamics.
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