How to Set an Alarm on MacBook

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    • 1). Connect your MacBook to the Internet and select "Software Update..." from under the apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen. This allows you to update your software and ensures that your software is current.

    • 2). Reboot your computer when prompted. Upon reboot, click the "System Preferences" icon in your dock and click the "Date & Time" icon. Confirm that the date and time on your computer is correct. Make sure "Set date and time automatically:" is enabled. Click the Time Zone tab to verify that your computer is set to the correct time zone.

    • 3). Open the "Applications" folder and drag the "iCal" icon into the dock if it is not there already. Open "iCal." The default page should be the current date. Customize your view by selecting "Day," "Week" or "Month" at the top of the window.

    • 4). Select "New Calendar" under the File menu in iCal if you do not have a calendar already established. The list of established calendars is in the list on the left side of the iCal window. Users generally name calendars that indicate what it is used for--"Home," "Work," "Kids," etc.

    • 5). Highlight which calendar (in the list on the left) you want to add your event to. In the calendar itself, double click the date of the event you are creating the alarm for or select "New Event" (Command-N) from under the File menu.

    • 6). Fill in your event's information in the pop-up window. This includes the name of the event, the date, the time, the location, any invitees (this will send an email invitation), notes and any attachments that might be required.

    • 7). Pull down the "Alarm" menu in the event window (the default is set as "none") and select how you want to be notified. The options are Message, Message with Sound, Email, Open File and Run Script. In most cases, selecting either Message or Message with Sound is adequate. You may choose how far in advance to be notified. Close the event window.

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