Preventative Maintenance & Inspection of Exterior Curtain Walls

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    • No matter what kind of wall you have, you should always take time once or twice a year to carefully inspect them for damage or other problems. One of the most common types of household curtain wall is made of brick. Over time, this brick can develop weak spots, disappearing mortar,\and other problems. Look for any sign of cracks or mortar that beginning to crumbl or lose its color. Discoloration on the brick itself could mean an infestation of mold or a similar problem, which needs your immediate attention to stop it from spreading. Try to check the walls before winter, since in many climates winter weather can make existing problems even worse.

      If you have a different kind of curtain wall, look for signs of damage that belong to the materials that you used. Glass, for instance, can lose its thermal seals, which causes leaks into the layers of glass that create wet, mildewy or foggy areas that are signs of larger problems. Concrete can develop problems similar to those of mortar, but they are more likely to occur on the borders of the wall, especially those near the ground.

    Damage Prevention

    • One of the worst things for an exterior curtain wall is constant exposure to water. No matter what type of curtain wall you have, you should always try to keep rainwater away from it. If the soil is constantly damp, consider drainage channels. If you receive a lot of downpour in your climate, make sure you have gutters or other devices that channel the dripping water away from the walls.

      No matter how well sealed your wall is, it can always develop tears or cracks in the caulk and sealant. Be sure to reapply sealant as needed per the instructions of the sealant that you use, and inspect areas for re-caulking every year. You should also be careful about how well you clean the walls. Sandblasting and other abrasive techniques can destroy the protective layers of curtain walls and damage them faster.

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