How to Make Handprint Crafts for Children

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    Cutout Handprints

    • 1). Instruct the children to spread their hands out on brightly colored construction paper. Trace around the hands and fingers.

    • 2). Cut out the handprint. Repeat the process if you need more than one print for your craft.

    • 3). Decorate the handprint. Children can use handprints as antlers for a moose head or as the rays of the sun. The handprints can also make flippers to attach to a picture of a penguin.

    Painted Handprints

    • 1). Pour washable, nontoxic paint into a shallow dish. Instruct the children to spread out their hands and place them in the paint.

    • 2). Have the children press their painted hands gently on paper. Tell them to lift their hands off the paper without smudging the paint.

    • 3). Use the painted handprint as the base for the craft. Have the children paint a tree trunk to create a tree or add flowers to the fingers to make a bouquet. Alternatively, you can leave the handprints without any further embellishment.

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