Junior High Graduation Gift Ideas

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    School Gear

    • During the switch from junior high school to high school, students often acquire new school colors and a new school mascot. Get your graduate into her new school spirit by giving her a sweatshirt, T-shirt or other paraphernalia that represents her high school. If she already is thinking about colleges, purchase clothing from the college of her choice. If she has not selected her ideal college, consider purchasing gear from an Ivy League school or your local state school. Any items that remind her of her personal growth and help her to focus on the future are appropriate. Many colleges maintain online stores, so purchasing clothing from schools across the country will not pose a problem.


    • Every junior high graduate will appreciate cash or gift cards. Ask your graduate's parents which shops the graduate frequents. If the graduate has a college fund, donate money to his fund and present him a homemade gift certificate that indicates the amount. You may also wish to purchase stock options for your junior high grad. Owning stock will teach him about personal finances and motivate him to think about saving for the future.

    Extracurricular Activities

    • Being a teen is not exclusively about working hard at school and thinking about the future. Teenagers also need guidance to find enjoyable extracurricular activities that offer creative or athletic training. If your grad is interested in art or music, purchase classes for her during the summer. You can also look into sports and cheer camps. Involvement in activities she enjoys will allow her to make friends with like-minded teens in the community. Summer classes may help the transition into high school, and many schools often offer classes for credit.


    • In high school adolescents generally require more technology in the classroom. Many high school math classes incorporate advanced calculators into the curriculum. Most English assignments will need to be typed in a word processor. Calculators and personal computers are thoughtful, but expensive options for the junior high graduations. Inexpensive technology gifts are flash drives and hard drives.

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