Internal Cleansing With Sea Salt

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    Cleaning the Colon

    • According to an article by Christopher Wanjeck in Live Science, colon cleansing gained favor in the late 19th century and became unpopular in 1919 with a journal article that debunked the idea as unnecessary. The controversy seems to focus on whether colon cleansing is necessary. Cleansing the colon will eliminate both "good" and "bad" bacteria from the colon, so it is important that afterward you replace the "good" bacteria with high-quality probiotics by either taking a supplement or eating yogurt and other probiotic-rich foods. In the more than 5,000 monthly colonic irrigations each month done in Britain, there have been no serious side effects, according to Web MD.

    Salt Water Flush

    • The procedure for a salt water flush is extremely simple and inexpensive. You need 2 teaspoons good quality sea salt, 2 liters of warm water and about three hours total. You simply add the salt to the warm water, stir until it dissolves and drink (this needs to be consumed on an empty stomach). It tastes extremely salty and may be difficult to drink quickly. You will need to lie or sit still for perhaps 45 minutes until you purge. The purging will happen quickly and in about one and a half hours, you will have completely purged your colon. By the end, only salt water will come out. Obviously, anyone with a history of disordered eating should not attempt this method of colon cleansing. Otherwise, it is relatively safe and inexpensive. The end result is a completely purged colon.


    • The sea salt water flush should not be done more than once a week, and only then in extremely healthy people. Ideally, a doctor who is trained in complementary medicine should be consulted before attempting this. If you add too much salt, you will feel nauseated and may vomit. Dehydration afterward is a concern, so drink plenty of pure water, slowly, for the rest of the day.

    After The Flush

    • A proper diet, consisting of five to 10 servings of vegetables and fruits daily, with enough water and exercise, is the best way to avoid needing to cleanse your colon. Following the salt water flush, try to make the dietary and lifestyle changes that will make another colon cleanse unnecessary. Avoid processed foods, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Exercise regularly and practice deep breathing.

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