How to Improve an Argumentative Essay

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    • 1). Add a personal story or experience that gives your readers a glimpse into your background and what may have shaped your views on the topic. A personal anecdote helps readers connect to you personally.

    • 2). Implement quotes and citations from experts in the area of the topic. The more back-up support you have for your viewpoints, the stronger your essay becomes.

    • 3). Organize your arguments in a logical manner where each paragraph flows into the next without jumping back and forth between areas of the topic. If the topic requires chronological order, use that as your organization.

    • 4). Write your argumentative essay in separate paragraphs. Each paragraph should address one aspect of your argument and detail why each aspect supports your argument.

    • 5). Use strong, authoritative language in your argumentative essay. Avoid using words that are weaker, such as "feel," "believe" and "want." Instead, start sentences with a stronger word that gets straight to the point. Because you are the author, your reader already knows that the essay reflects your personal feelings and beliefs.

    • 6). Write your essay directly to your audience. Familiarize yourself with the age ranges of your audience and the background. If you can tailor your essay to your audience, you are more likely to persuade the audience to see your perspective on the topic.

    • 7). Include information on other perspectives on the topic. Present arguments that the other side may use against your arguments and refute them. Show your audience why the other arguments are not as valid as your own.

    • 8). Summarize your points clearly in your conclusion. The conclusion is the last thing your audience will remember after reading your essay. Include all of your major points. Leave your audience with something to remember about your perspective of the topic.

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