Video: Tricks With Retouch on an iPhoto

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Video Transcript

Hey, my name's Jonesy. Today, I'm going to show you some tricks with Retouch in iPhoto. Alright, so first you're going to open up iPhoto, and you want to click on a photo that you'd like to retouch. And when you click on it you're going to notice the little Edit button down here that you're going to press and then Retouch here is the one on the bottom which I'll choose. This size slider here is to increase or decrease the size of the brush. Okay. Now you want to be careful. You don't want to go overboard with this because you'll start to mess up the picture that you're trying to fix. So you want to keep it about the size of the blemishes that you're going to retouch. So once you've got it about right, make it a little bit smaller here, once you've got it about right you're just going to paint over the blemish and let retouch to the rest. There we go, get a little bit more here, and another spot there. And that's not too shabby. Of course you want to click Done when you've finished retouching the image. And if you ever feel like you'd like to go back to the original, no problem, just click the Revert to Original button on the bottom and you're back to the original. So that's it. So my name's Jonesy, and I just showed you some tricks with Retouch in iPhoto.
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