Fairytale Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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    • Add castle images to the fairytale bedroom.castle image by Krzysztof Gebarowski from Fotolia.com

      Fairy tales capture the imaginations of youngsters with their fanciful story lines and creative elements. Fairy tales translate well into a bedroom design. Pulling elements from different fairy tales creates a well-rounded bedroom. You can also focus on one specific fairy tale if your child a favorite one. The goal of the fairy tale room design is to create a magical, enchanted environment.

    Color Scheme

    • A light, pastel color scheme fits most fairy tale themes. Pink, lavender, sky blue and sage green colors work well in the fairy tale room. Choosing a lighter color for the walls makes the room feel larger and airy. The whimsical, airy feeling is fitting for the fairy tale design. Use the other colors as bedding, curtain and decor accents. Consider the child's favorite colors when choosing the color palette for the room.


    • Fabric choice is important in creating the fanciful fairy tale feeling. Choose light fabrics for a childish, airy feeling. A lightweight cotton material or tulle works well in the room. Use the fabrics to make custom window treatments. You can also use the fabrics to create curtains for a faux castle window painted onto the wall as part of a mural.


    • Many princess-themed bedding sets are available in all bedding sizes. If princesses are the focus of the fairy tale room, these bedding sets give you an easy option for dressing up the bed. Another option is to choose a plain bedding set in pink, lavender or another color from the room palette. Add pillows with a fairy tale theme to dress up the bed.

      A canopy is another way to add a fanciful feeling to the bed area. Use a lightweight fabric to create the canopy. Attach a heavy duty hook to the ceiling above the bed. Attach the fabric to the hook and drape it outward toward the corners of the bed. Another option is to attach the fabric to the wall and drape it down by the head of the bed.


    • Murals are an inexpensive way to add a custom look to the walls. Choose an image from your child's favorite fairy tale as the inspiration for the mural. A castle window and bricks painted on one wall also creates the fairy tale feeling. Copy the image onto a transparency and use an overhead project to display it on the wall. The projector allows you to adjust the size of the image. Trace the image with a pencil and paint in the design.


    • The accents add the finishing touches to the fairy tale room. Photocopy the covers of the child's favorite fairy tale books. Frame the pictures for an inexpensive wall decoration. Place a child-sized vanity so your child can feel like a princess as she dresses up. Hang hooks on the wall to display her princess dress up gowns. Install a dainty light with frosted glass and an ornate design.

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