Blog Journal Website Is The Easiest And Most Popular Money Making Website

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Everyone today wants to know what they should be doing to make money online.
Start an online auction site? Become the author of award winning ebooks? Develop a new social media platform that will be irresistible to the masses? There are a dozen ways to make money online, but still one of the most effective is one of the simplest to implement.
When you start a blog journal website, you don't have to worry about complicated web code.
You don't have to worry about web design or any other complexity.
All you have to worry about is saying what you need to say, then finding the audience that actually wants to hear it.
From that point, it becomes simple to grow your audience and to give them more of what they want so they will bring others in.
As traffic improves, so, too, will your revenue generating opportunities.
But how can you make money through a blog journal website? It's simple really.
There are three primary ways.
The first way that you might consider is that of the text ads that you often see on the sidebar of sites operating under Google AdWords.
Essentially what happens is you create the content - which you would be creating anyway - and advertisers that have products or services related to keywords in your content will place their ads on your page is specified areas with the promise to pay you each time someone clicks through.
While this is not a form of revenue generation that will make you rich, it will start your site earning and that number, whatever it is, will go up as your traffic increases.
A second way that you can make money is to become an affiliate for a site or product that you really believe in.
If you believe in the product, then it stands to reason that your followers will, too, as long as you have a prominent display and you make a compelling case for it.
Affiliates often pay a significant portion of the sale to the site that directed the buyer to them.
You could make anywhere from 50-80 percent of the overall price.
Yet a third way of making money from your blog journal website is to attract a large enough following to become user supported.
By placing the option to make donations on your site, you are liable to find that your users are more than happy to donate to the cause as long as you give them compelling content that they actually want to read about.
Many sites with followings of 60,000 or more can even find themselves entirely supported by generous visitors.
However you do it, blog journal website operation is a great way to make money online.
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