How to Do a Front-Side Flip

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    • 1). Position your feet on the board with your tail foot on the heel edge of the pop---the raised lip at the rear of the board---and your front foot in the kickflip position, just over half way along the board on the heel edge with your toe pointing toward the toe edge of the front pop.

    • 2). Bend your knees and crouch down in preparation to pop the board. Rotate your torso toward your tail shoulder, the opposite direction to the way you are gonna spin the board, allowing you to get more momentum into the rotation.

    • 3). Uncoil your body while popping hard. You will need sufficient ground clearance to enable the board to make one full revolution in addition to the 180-degree spin. As you leave the ground, your body should already be at 90-degrees, forcing the board to rotate as it lifts.

    • 4). Kick your lead foot toward the heel edge of the front pop to initiate the kickflip. Keep your front foot out for as long as possible to prevent yourself from catching it too early and landing before the board has made its full rotation.

    • 5). Watch the board beneath you, and catch it with your rear foot once it has traveled the full distance. Replace your front foot before landing the trick to avoid injury. Aim to land over the trucks with your weight centered over the board; this may take some practice, because you will be landing in a switch stance.

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