How to Mix Drywall Mud to Texture Ceilings

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    • 1). Open the container of drywall mud. Use a 6-inch putty knife to remove two scoops. Set the mud on the bucket's lid and add it back to the bucket after you use some of it. This allows enough room to add water and mix without having it spill over the top.

    • 2). Pour 2 cups of water into the bucket of drywall mud. Lock a mud-mixing paddle into a drill. Insert the paddle into the mud and pull the drill's trigger to mix the mud and water. Add more water, if necessary, and mix to achieve your desired consistency.

    • 3). Wait for approximately 5 minutes. Mix the drywall mud one more time with the mixing paddle, adding more water if necessary. Pour the mud into the texture machine's hopper until it reaches the fill line.

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