How to Tow a Jeep With the Battery Disconnected

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    • 1). Press down and hold the brake pedal.

    • 2). Put the Jeep into neutral by shifting the gear to the "N" position. If a manual shift, press down the clutch.

    • 3). Move the transfer case to "N" or neutral by shifting the case lever.

    • 4). Crank the engine and put the transmission into drive if an automatic. If a manual transmission, put the Jeep into gear.

    • 5). Let go of the brake and make sure the Jeep isn't moving. You can now turn the ignition key to the "Off" position to shut down the engine.

    • 6). Put the Jeep gear into "Park" and engage the parking brake.

    • 7). Disconnect the car battery so it won't drain or cause damage during the flat tow.

    • 8). Connect the Jeep to your towing vehicle using the Jeep tow bar. Once the Jeep is connected to the towing vehicle, release the parking brake. The Jeep is now ready for towing.

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