Is it Tea or Coffee?

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With many, there has always been a debate about which hot drink is the best, tea or coffee. Obviously, a lot of tradition British people would definitely say tea as we drink it all day every day! Personally, I would say I love both… it's a bit like marmite really; you love it or hate it. But I do believe it is actually more about what you drink your tea or coffee from, not what's actually in the cup, tea pot or mug.

If you are someone who prefers tea or is a tea lover, a nice looking tea pot or set of tea cups is crucial; tea is never as nice out of a boring, plain cup! Ceramic tea pots tend to be a beautiful idea to add to a tea collection or just for an everyday cuppa! A really nice sort of tea pot is always a brightly coloured one to stand out from a boring, average white one which many of us own. Another design which adds some excitement to your tea could be a more patterned, handmade teapot, suitable for any home or kitchen.

Moving onto tea cups, this is just as important as the teapot. It is nice to drink tea out of a beautiful cup and saucer. Handcrafted and painted, a ceramic cup and saucer adds a traditional yet brightening feel to every kitchen. If you would prefer to have a larger cup of tea first thing in the morning to wake you up, you may prefer a ceramic mug. Personally, I think a decorated mug is a lot more attractive and adds some colour to those dark mornings and evenings this winter, and French and Spanish ceramic mugs are a good way to do this.

Moving onto coffee. Coffee lovers like to indulge morning, day and night and of course what they drink their drink out of is their pride and joy. A stunning rouge mug adds a bold statement to your coffee drinking or mug cupboard in the kitchen! You could also match this Item with many other items to create a ‘rouge' kitchenware selection. If you are looking for something fun for a younger set of coffee drinkers a sunshine mug adds that exciting touch to a daily coffee.

Another crucial when having your regular tea or coffee could be biscuits. The perfect cup of tea goes down wonderfully with a great biscuit on the side. Ceramic plates could be a great way of matching to your ceramic mugs and tea pots and something to hold the biscuits in your tea/ coffee sets! Weather you would prefer a patterned plate or a different shaped plate, ceramic versions would make a beautiful set to have regular tea and coffee with biscuits!
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